The Purpose

Mocked by the nation for its infamous politics, listed among the lowest ranks for education and poverty, Louisiana has been an underdog in the worldly arena.    Yet in the midst of the darkness, a small spark has been ignited in the church body. People from all backgrounds, denominations, and generations are assembling to fan the flames of revival. Louisiana Outpouring has been a forerunner in this effort.

The Power

In December of 2002, a group of spiritual leaders throughout the state assembled to discuss the same frustration – Louisiana’s desperate need of a touch from God. All had attended conferences and crusades that promised much, but left much to be desired.

The Promise

Since that initial meeting in 2002, we’ve continued to network with other ministries, hold monthly unity services and make plans to Fan the Flames in regional conferences throughout the state. Our heart is to witness the flooding of God’s Glory over Louisiana. Our mission is to see God’s word in Joel 2:28 come to pass: “I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh…” Our vision is to experience the passion, the power, and the promise.